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Airlines today are the most promising directions for international cargo delivery. Their undeniable advantages – efficiency and reliability.

International cargo air transportation is a fairly common type of delivery of goods around the world. Of course, shipments are delivered not only by air – all types of transport are used for this, but only delivery by air provides benefits that are not available to all other types of delivery.

Among the advantages offered with delivery cargo by air, first of all there has to be highlighted the speed of delivery. Of course, this is its most important characteristic. No other shipping option will be able to deliver your goods from the overseas in just 2-3 days. For some types of goods, for example, for those which are perishable, this is probably the only way to deliver.

The way of cargo transportation by air can also be considered in cases when it is necessary to execute the transportation of non-standard cargoes, such as: dangerous, large-sized, goods that are damaged quickly, as well as transportation of animals. However, in these cases, additional harmonization and implementation of the requirements of the proposed conditions for the air cargo transportations, which are established in the airlines and ground services for the air cargo transportations instructions.

Therefore, when using aviation transport for cargo transportation, the following advantages can be distinguished:

– The main advantages gained from the use of air transportations are the shortest delivery time.

– Security. Delivery of the cargo by air is the safest way to transport today.

– Preservation of cargo. Third parties are not allowed both on the territory of the airports and on board the aircraft, that virtually eliminates the possibility of theft or damage to the cargo, minimizing the risk of damage or loss.

Our company offers air transportation of different types of cargo:

– general cargo

– dangerous goods

– military and dual purpose goods

– shipments with the heavy weight and / or dimensions

At the same time, our Company provides charter services, which will no doubt be useful for those customers whose cargo is too large for regular flights in terms of size or volume.